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Evans General Contractors Adopts Autodesk Construction Cloud to Enhance Project Delivery and Maximize Team Coordination


International design-build, general contracting and construction management firm makes Autodesk Construction Cloud a cornerstone of the company’s growth


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San Francisco, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced Evans General Contractors, an international design-build contracting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is adopting Autodesk Construction Cloud and incorporating the powerful construction management platform into its standard operating procedures (SOP). Teams across Evans will be using Autodesk Construction Cloud to onboard new employees quickly and easily, maximize coordination across project stakeholders and minimize errors on projects.


With offices across the Southeastern U.S. and in Germany, Evans manages more than 50 projects annually and brings in over $1.2 billion in annual revenues. To meet growing demand across its expanding markets, which include manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, corporate environments, food and beverage, and distribution and logistics, Evans has significantly increased the size of its team in recent years. With this growth, the organization needed to establish an SOP with robust technologies to enhance project management, team collaboration and quality of service, all while rapidly onboarding new team members.

«Our teams work on incredibly intricate projects that require painstaking coordination, clear communication and seamless collaboration across each workflow,» said Jeff Jepson, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Evans General Contractors. «With our volume of work increasing, we need a construction management platform that effectively connects our teams and data and is easy to use so we can quickly deploy it across our growing teams and projects. Autodesk Build scales with us so we can maintain and enhance our quality of service with cloud-based project management, ensuring everyone has access to the information they need when they need it, to remain in sync and minimize issues.»

Evans adopted Autodesk Build, a unified construction management and field collaboration solution in Autodesk Construction Cloud, after successfully using PlanGrid across its projects. Autodesk Build’s desktop and mobile applications maintain the ease of deployment, adoption and use found in the original PlanGrid solution, so Evans can quickly ramp up new employees and projects as part of its SOP while minimizing the technology learning curve. Autodesk Build’s radical simplicity enables Evans’ teams to immediately collaborate and maintain a high level of coordination to minimize mistakes and rework on their complex projects.

Evans’ migration to Autodesk Build also gives the team access to Autodesk Docs, which encompasses the common data environment for Autodesk Construction Cloud and powers robust analytics capabilities, so the firm’s teams can keep project information in one place and make data-driven decisions that further minimize project risks. The common data environment can also be seamlessly linked with hundreds of other technology solutions in Autodesk Construction Cloud’s integration partner ecosystem, enabling Evans to further connect its people and data across workflows from preconstruction through closeout.

Evans is also adopting Autodesk Takeoff, BuildingConnected and TradeTapp to connect its preconstruction teams and data to subsequent building workflows and further enhance project coordination and delivery.

«Every construction project has its own unique challenges and for teams working on particularly detailed projects such as the micro-labs, cleanrooms, manufacturing plants and automated logistics facilities that Evans builds, the complexities can exponentially increase,» said Brandon Lacourciere, senior director of customer success, Autodesk Construction Solutions. «We built the Autodesk platform to simplify the way our customers work, standardize collaborative processes and empower data-driven decision making. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Evans as they innovate and grow their business.»