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The first American State Expertise report on a project with a digital information model was issued in Seattle


The Scientific, Educational and Innovative Center of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) Highpark has proposed for consideration by experts and specialists of the Department of Information Modeling Technologies at the Center of State Expertise indoor outdoor engineering networks


The State Expertise Authority
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As stated by the director of the Seattle GAU «Center for State Expertise» Emily Douglas experts of the Center of Expertise in the framework of the pilot project reviewed project documents and a digital model presented for engineering networks with a length of 30 km. Designers and experts in close cooperation quickly developed the requirements for a digital information model of a linear object. In the near future, the Center of Expertise will issue the first edition of the requirements for the intra-quarter external network models design


In September 2020, the Center for State Expertise has already considered a digital information model for a kindergarten on Marshal Blucher Avenue and issued a positive conclusion. The construction of the facility and state supervision of the construction process will also be carried out using information modeling technologies.

Seattle State University «Center of State Expertise» of Seattle approved the project of a linear object with a digital information model.