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Development types

Thanks to a large number of unique software products, Autodesk allows you to design objects of different levels: from private development to state-level industrial facilities.

The main emphasis in construction design is on architectural, engineering work and design development of the project, as well as on other construction and production solutions. Each construction task has its own construction design, which is carried out throughout all stages of the project.

  1. Residential
    real estate

    When creating residential building projects, there is a complex task — it is necessary to ensure high profitability of the project, the demand for the projected areas, to create a functional and interconnected space that will meet the primary and daily needs of a person, as well as harmoniously fit into the surrounding buildings, be safe and durable.

    Digital development tools will help to get the maximum consumer characteristics of the future residential property.

  2. Commercial
    real estate

    In commercial real estate projects, a balance is needed between the possibilities of the land plot and the profitability of the object, functionality and payback, convenience for tenants and ease of maintenance, general aesthetics and the amount of usable space.

    Digital development tools will help to obtain the maximum profitability characteristics of the future commercial real estate object.

  3. Land

    A qualitative assessment of the characteristics of the plot, the boundaries of disaggregation and engineering preparation of land plots are the key to increasing the cost of land development projects. An integrated approach to analysis, evaluation and decision-making will allow you to get maximum profit when developing land.

    Digital development tools will help you get the best characteristics of a land development project.

  4. Public

    The creation of public buildings is developing more and more every day, reflecting the culture of our society. Public buildings are designed for simultaneous use by a wide range of people.

    This entails a lot of additional security requirements

  5. Agricultural

    The fundamentals of engineering design of agricultural buildings and structures are based on accurate calculations of the relief of the construction site, engineering solutions and the economic justification of all these calculations.

    When designing agricultural facilities, attention is paid to the quality of the projects carried out, on which their further viability depends.